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The Countries of Solitude

a Translation Story

We are in a small town in Calabria, in the mid-1980s. A terrible crime is about to be committed against an eleven-year-old kid.


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We’ve all wondered that a bit, haven’t we?



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As kids, we are easily deluded. The lights, the glares, those things that shift the shadows of our loneliness, that feed our curiosity and excite our limbs, stir in us the desire to try, to discover, to claim what is rightfully ours.

The experience of life.


Blame the Vegans - Avocado, the domesticated fruit that should not exist!

Storytelling Time

A fruit that should have been extinct ten thousand years ago (at least) but has survived to this day.

How did that happen?

Why I am Vegan and why you need to get over it

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The machine of the meat industries is a monster that sacrifices over seventy billion animals a year, just considering land animals killed for food, leaving out fishes. Even now, as you read these lines, thousands of them die from electric shocks, throat slashing, exhaustion, a bullet, a stick or skinned alive . Every damn second this violence is iterated, abominable, unjust, demonic beyond belief, and unnecessary. Sometimes I do imagine all this, and I do not understand how so many of you cannot suffer from it, so as not to change. 

The Secretive meanings of The Mushroom Effect Novel

Storytelling Time

The Mushroom Effect is an exploration of a world we barely observe, often we notice it when we dream, other times in meditation or when faced with life-changing revelations. Faced with Death itself, for a moment, our senses are expanded to such an extent that we see the truth beyond the apparent reality.

Fallatio - confessions of a woman who loved and betrayed

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I never asked Jane why she had suddenly decided to cheat on her boyfriend. It seemed to me that if I did that I would break the sort of magic that had been hanging over us. Because free we really were. No personal questions, just light thoughts and nothing too introspective. As with sex, she also led conversations. She would tell me about the goldfish her cat ate by catching it from above the tank, or that she would like to live abroad for a few months, maybe stay there if she enjoyed. She would tell of dreams and stories to which she yielded with candour, but ….

The Beggar - Zorba the Buddha

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Between the ages of 20 and 26, I read particularly books by spiritual masters… Yet, no matter how much information I had absorbed and thought I knew a lot about life, I was constantly depressed, insecure and unsteady.

I soon realised that I too was a beggar.

I was begging for the love of others. Unconsciously I accepted compromises in the relationships I created with friends or lovers, so much so that my every gesture was a request for love.


“Please love me”. “Please don’t leave me”. “If you leave me, I am lost.” “Please don’t leave me.” “Don’t leave me alone.” “Be my friend.” “Love me.” “I cannot live without you.” “Don’t betray me.” Etc…


The Dark Splendour of KALI YUGA

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Men and women will live together only by superficial attraction, and success in business will depend on deception. Femininity and virility will be judged based on one’s experience in sex, and a man will be known as a brāhmana (sage) only because he wears a religious garment.


Srimad Bhagavatam, chant 12th


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The courage to change requires a certain amount of personal growth.

Sometimes it goes like this: dark love changes you. Rarely can be saved, often it lasts just a round of seasons. Dark love is a lesson that tears you apart, it tears you into so many pieces that you are forced to work on yourself.


Sometimes it is simply better to let go



StoryTelling Time

For some, Covid means suffering, for others abandonment, confinement and expectation.
For me, it meant seizing an opportunity. And I did.





The Third Nipple

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Mina never imagined that one day she would end up in bed with two boys, yet by connecting with us she felt part of an extension that goes far beyond her ego and the (often) constricting ideologies we grow up with.


About youth, prejudices and sexual freedom


Lost girl


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I knew this was not true. I knew even before I felt her gaze on me, those blue eyes that contrasted with her white skin. That look said: Please don’t go away.


But I did go away.


On missed opportunities and how to cope with them

Missed chance


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There was a special fibre between us, and that doesn’t mean that everything was nice and perfect, on the contrary, sometimes it was the opposite, we risked fines, robberies and stabbings, and I even jeopardised Anna getting raped by strangers.


This story teaches you how to have lucid dreams



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Sometimes, we do our best, but if the other person is not ready to receive, they will see nothing but a veil in front of them, and that veil, like the darkness behind Leia that night, cannot let our light filter through despite all our efforts and courage.


This story teaches us not to despair


right person wrong time


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You know, I had to keep this sort of despair inside me as it seemed impossible to confess. It didn’t seem true to me that just where I felt most capable and active (sex realm), I was about to fail so miserably. Everyone envied me because I was with a former model. They, however, did not know the pains we were going through.


This story shows us to not be afraid.


broken lovers

A Date with the psychopath

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I have learnt that dating colleagues can be a double-edged sword. Don’t fantasise too much, keep your feet on the ground because most likely the motive is purely about sex and mental health.


She is lying on top of me, naked.
“I like spanking.”

Confused, I asked her what it means.
“I likes slaps on my bum.”
It went like that, no cap.


This story teaches us to recognise who is deceiving us.


Angels and devils

Dating the wrong person

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We deserve someone who discovers us, wishes to reside in our world and explore it in its thousands of facets. But if you are obsessed with a woman who continues to prefer a degenerative situation to the possibility you offer her, let her go.
This story teaches us to value our time